Kris Slater Blog is now OPEN!

Posted: November 12, 2010 in Kris Slater

I’m so excited! This morning I decided to finally design and publish my blog site. I thought it would take me a couple weeks before I was able to finish and launch it but in fact it only took me 6 hours!!!

So welcome to my blog! I hope you all will become regular visitors of my site as I have much in store for you all. Tons of PICS. Great stories, danger, stoner humor, crazy adventures, naked girls, obscenities, bacon, neon signs, purple peanut butter, short neck giraffes, rocks and shirt pants….. ok now im just typing random things, zoned out for a second lol.

Enjoy the site! I will always be making it better and fine tuning it all, but it is ready to start making posts now. Feel free to comment on my page and all input is encouraged. Also let me know on how i can make this site even better for you.

Your PornStar,
Kris Slater

  1. leonard says:

    im proud 2 u

  2. love kris says:

    i like u kris. hope to see u soon! i admire ur sex videos and i hope you and i had our own sex…peace!^_^

  3. Brandon says:

    Hey Kris just wanted to tell you I’m a big fan I got all your movies believe it or not you have alot of us gay fans out there. Can’t wait to see more.

  4. andy03 says:

    Kris.. i always suport u as being a pornstar, ur so hot.. love your scenes with mature women!! wana see more… since youve already done sg4ge maybe you could try jake cruise massage or get serviced..that would be so HOT!! love l0ts!!

  5. Lisa says:

    Since you are having a hard time keeping up with your blog ( because you are busy), I think you need a secretary to help…lol…or maybe a personal assistant.

  6. Lynne says:

    I guess giving me the finger while I was on your facebook page is a pretty good indicator of where I stand. You don’t care about losing one fan, one friend.
    Bye, Lynne

  7. lynne hansen-salak says:

    Naked chicks! I want to see more of KRIS!!!. Can never get enough of that body and personality. Naked Jokes? You know I love you. Lynne

  8. lynne hansen-salak says:

    kris, I finally dug my way through the wabbit hole and can came out to your original, fresh and mostly innovative new BLOG! I love it and you should be proud of your new baby. Lynne xo xo xo

  9. JamesRichard says:

    Wow another was to follow U!
    I’m excited!!! I wanna read ur stories and see ur pix!!
    Don’t know how to follow this blog but I’ll log on daily.

    Way to go Kris

    Peace Love n Bacon

    • Titanic says:

      You can follow his blog by subscribe your email on the left bar “email subscription” and click sign me up so you will get an update everytime Kris update his blog.

      anyway congratulation for your new blog, Kris. I would recommend you to add your biography on the menu and link to your friend’s blog. that would be cool

  10. Lukas Scott says:

    Nifty design, looks almost as cool as your good self. Looking forward to more from SlaterWorld (first a blog, next the theme park 🙂 )
    Ever tried veggie-bacon?!

  11. steve2 says:

    hi Kris
    you sign as Your PornStar, i would prefer your friend!
    tell us how free we are here to ask ya something

  12. Rachel Dominica says:

    Great, fun looking blog. Nice design, simple but pleasant to look at. You can tell that you have a background in this!

  13. Jeff says:

    The blog looks great Kris. You should consider http://www.formspring as well. By the way, thanks for the Amazon gift card ($25) that you never used. I know you have been busy and was out of town for your bthday.

  14. Kris Slater says:

    Thank you Mr. Steve/Fan 😉 i will always still be on twitter and everything else and this blog site will just give me the freedom of posting what i want, messages as long as i want and naked pictures of…. well, nakedness. hope you always read my posts and comment or message. I want to have a good repor with all on my Blog. Take care and talk soon.


  15. Steve says:

    So excited to see what you have to say. Not that I won’t follow you on twitter but this is just more of an opportunity to get to know the man behind the screen who has brought so much joy…and continues to with each film. Can’t wait to know you just that much more.

    With love and respect from a fan

  16. Kris Slater says:

    THANK YOU KIM! for popping my Blog cherry. it felt good 😉 lol you rock. also thank you Keith for your nice post. I will try not to dissapoint.

  17. Jake says:

    Wait….bacon? Im in! Yea naked chicks are cool i guess too. lol

  18. Kim says:

    Ready…wait for it….POP. 😉 Love the blog layout. You had me at “bacon”.

  19. Keith Morrison says:

    Welcome to the world of blogging…looking forward to reading your posts!

  20. kim says:

    Consider your cherry…popped 🙂 nice blog too! You had me at “bacon”.

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